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Fleetmax Africa (Pty) Ltd

Transport is the lifeblood of our fledgling democracy which is the gateway to the rest of the continent. Road transport is in a precarious state given the challenges in road traffic management which includes amongst others, inadequate driver training, loopholes in regulations, ineffective enforcement, major fraud and corruption and the lack of voluntary compliance amongst road users in general.

For companies that run freight or passenger fleets, or even internal pool fleets, the challenges are greater since competitors in the transport sector attempt to survive in the industry by overloading their vehicles, hiring poorly trained drivers at lower rates, overworking them and reducing vehicle maintenance, all of which leading to the unacceptable carnage that results in the average loss of forty people on our roads daily.

Many fleet companies have very little or no effective training programmes that result in the upward mobility of their staff compliments. Employees suffer from fatigue, low morale and poor health, eventually being involved in serious incidents that result in unproductive and expensive down-time.

These are the symptoms that often are dismissed by top management as the "soft issues". But it is the soft issues that lead to "hard results" on a company's bottom line.