FleetMax Africa comprises of a team of highly qualified, highly motivated and committed individuals bringing a wide range of transport, traffic, road safety and enforcement related experience to the table, to ensure that in consultation with our clients we are able to provide the most cost effective and customized transport skills and safety solutions. We want you to increase your company’s productivity and profitability by reducing fleet costs and down-time, enhance your employee’s skills and capacity, lower the environmental impact and at the end of the day, enhance your company profile by being pro-active, productive, professional and profitable.

The team is led by Ashref Ismail who has more than twenty years’ experience in road safety, traffic management and traffic law enforcement. A teacher, lecturer, public relations practitioner, freelance motoring journalist, award winning radio broadcaster, performance coach and road safety activist, he holds numerous local and international qualifications. He has completed many advanced and defensive driving skills courses and is passionate about off road driving. A keen change agent, he is passionate about road safety, communications and skills development. At heart, he remains a “wheels guy”, but remains committed to leaving a legacy of personal development, transport industry empowerment and community upliftment. Supporting SMME’s to reach their potential is his long term aim.

FleetMax Africa is a wholly South African owned company with plans to open branches in all nine provinces and the neighbouring states. We are proudly BEE compliant and our learning material complies with the requirements of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and Transport Sector Education and Training Authority (TETA). Our facilitators are hand-picked and have undergone further training to ensure quality standards. Our team members belong to various professional bodies to ensure that the latest developments are incorporated into our learning material.

More about Ashref Ismail

Ashref Ismail is a selfless patriot, with a deep appreciation of the South African political and socio-economic landscape. As such he is a motivated change agent with a bias for action and results, particularly in the challenging road traffic management sector.

He has been involved with road safety from the early nineties when he was chairperson of various community based road safety fora. He spent four years as a K53-approved advanced driving instructor before joining Gauteng Provincial Traffic Services as a Road Safety Education and Promotion Officer being promoted to Assistant Director in charge of the Info Centre and Administration.

In 2001, he took up a promotional post at the National Department of Transport in charge of the Arrive Alive communications campaign. He is a founder staff member of the newly established Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) and on resignation held position of Executive Manager: Traffic Law Enforcement.

He has extensive and successful professional experience in various aspects of both written and verbal communications including advertising, event management, media liaison, conference planning, brand management, corporate identity, speech writing, exhibitions, lecturing, sponsorship management, website management, stakeholder liaison at various levels, as well as various internal communications interventions.

His field of learning includes a number of road safety/traffic management courses completed, both locally and internationally as well as certificates in Freelance Journalism, Advertising Arts Direction, Sponsorship Management and Radio Broadcasting.  He holds twelve national Advanced Driving Certificates, of which the latest is a SASSETA accredited intensive five day course, as well as formal qualifications in teaching, public relations management and municipal and traffic policing.

His was in charge of a number of flagship national enforcement projects such as the National Rolling Enforcement Plan, the National Traffic Law Enforcement Code, 2010 Enforcement Co-ordination, the  Public Transport Enforcement Strategy, the International Road Traffic Safety Management Conference and Awards’ Function and the establishment of the Arrive Alive Communications campaign.

Having started at the bottom and working his way up to his last held position of Executive Manager: Traffic Law Enforcement (Level 14), he has undergone a wide spectrum of management training and has comprehensive practical experience in this regard.  He has a good working knowledge of the relevant acts, policies and prescripts that govern the public service.

He is thus a well-developed manager and leader who can motivate and inspire his team members.  Empowerment and capacity building are the hallmarks of his management style.  Many of his sub-ordinates have been promoted as a result of his guidance and mentorship.  He is a self-motivated individual with proven ability to work under pressure, and displays a flair for problem solving and creativity.

He enjoys good interpersonal relations, is an effective team player and has the ability to communicate and liaise at various levels, including Top Management and the Ministry. He has presented papers at numerous conferences and as the National Spokesperson of the Road Traffic Management Corporation is comfortable with both, the print and electronic media.
His proven track record includes a number of awards for various innovative initiatives undertaken at all his places of employment.  Among his notable achievements was securing a sponsorship for twenty colleagues to visit Sweden on an intensive training programme.  Among his strengths are large-scale event and project management.

He lectured part-time to third year students in Traffic and Municipal Policing at Tshwane University of Technology and also presented a weekly motoring/road traffic safety/transport programme on Channel Islam International that is broadcast globally via satellite. (Three times winner of the Motoring Journalist of the Year Contest - Category: National Radio). He currently writes the motoring feature for Public Sector Magazine, which has a monthly circulation of 20 000 copies amongst senior managers across the three tiers of government. He is also a qualified practicing Life Coach concentrating on performance and service delivery.

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS: (Cited retrospectively)

Post School Qualifications

  • Traffic Officers’ Diploma: Tshwane Management and Leadership Academy NQF Level 4
    Completed Dec 2013, Tshwane Metropolitan Police Academy

  • Post Graduate Diploma: Business Administration – RVQ 14
    Milpark Business School

    Incomplete studies: (four subjects outstanding)

    (Subjects completed)
    Fundamentals of Strategy
    Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
    Integrated Marketing Management
    Integrated Business Management
    Research Methodology (awaiting RPL) 

Completed Studies:

  • B Tech: Traffic and Municipal Policing – RVQ 14

    Tshwane University of Technology - Completed: 2010 
    Majors in Road Traffic Management and Traffic Systems Management

  • National Diploma: Traffic and Municipal Policing – RVQ 13

    Tshwane University of Technology - RPL finalized in 2008
    Majors in Road Traffic Management and Traffic Systems Management

  • National Diploma: Public Relations Management – RVQ 13

    Technikon (SA) - Completed: 1999
    Majors in Communications, Media Studies and Public Relations

  • National Diploma: Teaching (Senior Primary) – RVQ 13

    Transvaal College of Education - Completed: 1986
    Specializing Subject: English, History and Art