FleetMax Africa is not your typical fleet management company. FleetMax Africa is a newly established, local consultancy that specializes in innovative transport skills and safety solutions. With their team’s combined experience of more than 65 years in government road traffic management as well as experts from human resources, public relations and risk management, FleetMax Africa is able to tackle your fleet inefficiencies through a comprehensive enhancement programme which is flexible, intuitive and sustainable to match your unique fleet needs.

FleetMax Africa plans to help companies of all sizes and fleet complexities to identify weaknesses and develop solutions that include setting targets, streamlining processes, improving performance, reducing costs and enhancing the overall profitability and profile of the company.

Through consulatation, collaboration and communication FleetMax Africa can reduce company fleet risks and costs by strengthening employee skills capacity, reducing fleet down-time, lowering environmental impact and enhancing your company profile. All this by being pro-active, productive, professional and profitable.

What is our vision?

  • To provide innovative transport safety and skills solutions that enhances the productivity and profile of a company.

What is our mission?

  • Through consultation, identify, analyse and develop, holistic, affordable, and sustainable transport related skills and safety interventions to ensure operator efficiency and competitiveness.

What are our values?

  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Accessibility
  • Client focused
  • Integrity